Eduardo Cofresi

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M: 305-389-1863

Eduardo Cofresi is the Vice President of Sales of the ultra-exclusive developments, The Residences by Armani Casa & Porsche Design Tower Miami, both Dezer Development projects, Located in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, Florida. He is particularly skilled in the sales and marketing of top-tier, luxury real estate developments. Prior to this position he successfully marketed and sold Miami Trump Towers and Trump Grande developments a venture between real estate mogul Donald Trump and Dezer Developments in the same location.

He is one of South Florida’s best known and most successful real estate brokers for his vast International and domestic broker networks and for his ability to engage these networks to generate multiple sales at the developments he represents.

Eduardo has represented some of the Nation’s most prominent Developers such as: The Trump Organization, Dezer Development, Terra Group, CABI Developers, Tarragon Developments, Sunvest Properties, and Transacta Developments amongst others.

Prior to joining Dezer Developments, he acted as the Director of International & Development Sales for Sotheby’s International Realty in Miami as a Broker Liaison between Sotheby’s Latin American Brokerages and Sotheby’s Miami. Sotheby’s is the World’s leader in the sales & marketing of Ultra Luxury properties from Miami to Las Vegas and the Caribbean.

In 2005, he founded The Cofresi Group and quickly positioned it as one of South Florida’s leading real estate sales firms. The Cofresi Group marketed and sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate developments.

Among Eduardo Cofresi's skills and specialties are: luxury real estate, development sales and marketing, international property, broker network development, business development, marketing and branding strategies, public relation, client development and relations and market niche identification, penetration and positioning strategies.

Luciene Cofresi

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M: 305-389-4249

I believe that whatever you do, whether good or bad, it always comes back to you. I must have done something good, then, for I have been blessed with an amazing family and career—with Eduardo by my side. Though we both moved to Miami in 1995 from two different countries, our paths crossed four years later in 1999 on Miami Beach. I always thought it was meant to be.

I was born and raised in Brazil, and I moved to Miami to study and to explore new opportunities. As I was raised speaking Portuguese, I learned English and Spanish in the Magic City, and fell in love with the vibe and the culture instantly. I always felt at home here.

I learned to love real estate, and it was a natural habitat for me: I always enjoyed working with people and am attracted to the ‘psychology’ aspect of the sales process. I love being able to assist someone during such a special moment in their lives, whether they’re buying a dream vacation home or another monumental piece of real estate to add to their asset list. In addition, being able to do this in three different languages, unexpectedly became one of my biggest assets in the city.

My journey in the industry took off when Eduardo suggested I should leave my corporate career in finance to pursue real estate with him. He brought me on board to work with him at The Nautica Condominium in Miami Beach, which was Terra Group’s first development. During our tenure, we quickly realized that we were a power duo.

Between our multilingual skills, Eduardo’s skills in sales and marketing, and my ability to connect with people and bring in new co-brokers, it only made sense to start The Cofresi Group. Twelve years later, it’s proven a huge success, as we have sold over 1,000 condominium residences in the luxury real estate market since our opening in 2005.

In the past, I have represented some of the nation’s most prominent developers, such as The Trump Organization, GREC Conversions, The Related Group, Terra Group, Groupe Pacific, CABI Developers, Tarragon Developments, Sunvest Properties, Transacta Developers, Dezer Developments and more.

Currently, I am the vice president of international sales of the Residences by Armani Casa and Porsche Design Tower Miami, both Dezer Development projects in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. Drop in—we’re happy to show you around!

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