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Greater Miami is the bustling hub of southwest Florida, overflowing with a vibrant, latin-tinged culture as bright as the endless South Florida sun. Infamous world-wide as a top vacation destination, Miami has much more going for it than just sun and sand. A vibrant and multi-faceted culture has emerged, bringing with it an unrivaled arts scene along with a vast mosaic of influences impacting the culinary scene. Locals love the amount of choice across the city's varied corners, from the cigar shops of Little Havana and the timeless architecture of the Art Deco District, to the beaches and kinetic nightlife of South Beach.

Miami is also the southeast United States' hub for business and finance. This position has attracted power players from top industries across the country. The Miami luxury real estate market has grown to reflect this. The dynamic downtown area of Miami has become populated by some of the most luxurious condominium units found anywhere. Luxury developments such as the Residences by Armani Casa and Porsche Design Tower set a new standard for class and taste with their combination of sublime interior design features and unrivaled concierge services. Residents of these top residences expect only the best.

The Cofresi Group's Exclusive Luxury Developments



Eduardo & Luciene Cofresi, Brokers of Luxury

Connecting clients from all over the world to beautiful luxury condominium spaces, Eduardo and Luciene Cofresi have truly set themselves apart as top-tier luxury real estate brokers in Miami. They've successfully used their multi-lingual fluency (English, Spanish and Portuguese) to carve their own significant piece of the thriving Greater Miami luxury condo market.

Without a doubt, the Cofresi Group is one of the most dynamic and charismatic real estate teams in the city. Their impeccable, chic style and professionalism has led to a sterling reputation that precedes them. The power couple has worked with some of Miami's top luxury developers, most notably Dezer Developments in the sale of exclusive units in the Porsche Design Tower and the Residences by Armani Casa Tower. Over the past 17 years, the team has been responsible for well over $1 billion in luxury home sales, including over $280 million in the Residences by Armani Casa Tower alone. If you're looking for the best in luxury real estate in the city of Miami, there really is only one choice.

The Cofresi Group's Exclusive Florida Luxury Listings

The Cofresi Group's Exclusive Florida Luxury Listings

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